Past Projects

Some of the organizations and social entrepreneurs that Green Pro Bono previously helped include:

Citizens Market: The mission of Citizens Market is to empower consumers to shop responsibly. Citizens Market has developed a crowd-sourced Web site and mobile phone application for information about corporate, social and environmental behavior. Environmentally conscious shoppers can now have the option to scan the bar code of a supermarket product using this application to determine its carbon footprint as well as its score on other social issues while they shop. Citizens Market needed legal counsel with strong expertise in internet and new media law. A media law partner at a major Boston firm provided pro bono help through Green Pro Bono.

EGG-energy: Green Pro Bono matched social entrepreneur EGG-energy with a pro bono corporate attorney at Goodwin Procter for help with its mission to bring affordable and clean power to communities in the developing world. EGG-energy connects low-income households in Tanzania, that are off the grid, with electricity by offering rechargeable, portable batteries rather than the carbon emitting kerosene they had been using. EGG-energy operates on a shoestring budget and the need for legal services had dominated their agenda.

Partners for ACCESS (African Community Center for Social Sustainability) ("PFA"): PFA is a community-based organization that works to empower vulnerable groups in Uganda, in resource-limited settings, through medical care, education, environmental sustainability and income generation projects. Part of PFA's mission is to recycle medical supplies from American hospitals and send them to Uganda. Green Pro Bono matched PFA with a Foley Hoag attorney who helped them register with a donor advised fund and with other corporate legal needs.

Energy Raisers: Energy Raisers is a group of neighbors in the Nashoba Valley of Massachusetts who help each other install solar hot water systems, as well as help make their houses more energy efficient. The name "Energy Raisers" is adopted from the practice of barn raising, where neighbors come together to build a barn in one day. The organization needed corporate and tax legal advise and Ropes & Gray provided that help.

Sustainable South Shore: Sustainable South Shore is a multitown advocacy group committed to helping area residents conserve energy, protect the environment and live sustainable lives. Sustainable South Shore engages in: creating a vision of a sustainable community; research and analysis; developing consensus through education, publicity, discussion and events; initiating, supporting and implementing sustainable projects, including sustainable air, water, energy and biosystem projects, and endeavoring to practice principles of global sustainability in our own lives. Sherin & Lodgen provided corporate legal help for the organization.

We Forest is an international non-profit promoting worldwide permaculture-based reforestation to combat climate change through increased cloud cover. They also promote scientific research on cloud nucleation (bio-precipitation). Green Pro Bono paired We Forest with an attorney at Sidley Austin who helped them with corporate issues.

The Climate Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating climate change across the Pacific by working to promote marine biological recycling of carbon, providing support for marine biological carbon recycling research, fighting to lower ocean acidification for the health of the coral reefs, and working to develop sound policies and protocols for carbon sequestration in our country and in other nations. Green Pro Bono matched The Climate Foundation with an attorney at Goodwin Proctor who helped them draft legislation critical to their mission.

"e" Inc. is a non-profit working to empower children, youth, and families through science literacy so they can take actions that make a difference for our environment. They work in after-school programs, day schools, and in their new learning center to make science available to all and to engage every participant as a "doer" responsible for helping protect the planet. Green Pro Bono matched "e" Inc. with an attorney at Robinson Cole who helped them with lease and real estate issues.

Double Exposure is a partnership between photographers David Arnold and Brad Washburn who create traveling photography exhibits that show the impact of climate change by comparing "then and now" photos that illustrate human impact on the planet's landscape. They also use the exhibitions to help participants understand how education can bring hope for the future. Green Pro Bono paired Double Exposure with a Wilmer Hale attorney to help with various corporate issues.



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