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Some of the organizations and social entrepreneurs that Green Pro Bono has recently matched or are currently matching include:

Citizens-Powered Media is a non-profit organization working to produce and distribute a feature length documentary about society’s obsession with consumption. Entitled "Growthbusters," the film will explore how our ideas about population growth and consumption are unsustainable. Green Pro Bono has paired Citizens-Powered Media with an attorney at Wilmer Hale who is helping them with trademark and copyright issues related to promoting the film.

350 is a non-profit organization working with volunteers in more than 188 countries to build a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. The organization’s name is inspired by environmental scientists’ calculation that preserving the planet requires reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from the current 392 parts per million (ppm) to 350 ppm. Green Pro Bono has matched with an attorney at Goodwin Procter who is assisting them with corporate and tax exemption issues.

Green Roundtable is an independent non-profit whose mission is to encourage the mainstreaming of green building and sustainable development through education, technical assistance, and policy. Green Roundtable's goal is for all buildings, infrastructure, and communities to be designed, constructed, and managed sustainably. Green Pro Bono paired Green Roundtable with a Beveridge Diamond attorney who is helping with various corporate issues.

Green Acton is a group of volunteers working to conserve local resources and protect the environment for future generations. Through education and advocacy, they aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle energy and materials; promote sustainable, environmentally sound practices, and support local food production and consumption. Green Acton is working with an attorney on corporate issues.

Wakefield Climate Action Project is dedicated to creating and promoting programs that address global climate and environmental issues. Current projects include supporting a farmer's market in Wakefield, encouraging elementary students to walk to school, hosting library-based educational forums, encouraging expansion of town recycling efforts, and initiating an anti-idling campaign. Green Pro Bono paired Wakefield Climate Action Project with a Nixon Peabody attorney who is helping them stay on top of necessary government forms and filings.

Greening Rozzie works to make Roslindale a greener, cleaner, and more cohesive community by promoting and implementing grassroots projects and activities. Greening Rozzie's efforts include work promoting green spaces, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and recycling, and promoting accessible, efficient transportation options. Green Pro Bono paired Greening Rozzie with a Mintz Levin attorney who is helping with corporate issues.

Mother Nature's Farms converts organic wastes into high quality soils and soil conditioners for landscapers, homeowners, and nurseries, conducts research in the areas of process and end product enhancement, and is committed to being a good neighbor in the process. Green Pro Bono matched Mother Nature's Farms with a Goodwin Proctor corporate attorney.


Green Neighbors Education Committee is a group of volunteers who have banded together to bring "green" information to communities that have less opportunity to access it. Efforts focus on Low Carbon Diet classes, community energy fairs, and forums and workshops in their focus neighborhoods. Green Pro Bono paired Green Neighbors Education Committee with a Nixon Peabody attorney who is assisting with corporate issues.

Northborough Friends of Renewable Energy is in the process of forming a non-profit to help educate the community about renewable energy and to support the use of renewable energy in the town of Northborough, Massachusetts. Green Pro Bono matched Northborough Friends of Renewable Energy with a Nixon Peabody attorney who is helping to establish as a non-profit entity.

SoChange uses social incentives to empower consumers to publicly shift their spending toward companies that are active in protecting the environment. SoChange promotes large-scale consumer activism as a means of fundamentally shifting the way companies think about their impact on the environment and how it affects profitability. Green Pro Bono paired SoChange with a Goodwin Proctor attorney who is helping with corporate issues.

Sustainable Woodstock seeks to inspire, organize, and empower community members to integrate environmentally, economically, and socially responsible practices in all aspects of their lives to create a sustainable community. In the past two years, they have organized volunteer-based action groups to establish community gardens in four locations; design a riverfront park for an under-used municipal parcel; write a town energy plan; and organize renewable energy workshops, among other projects. Green Pro Bono connected Sustainable Woodstock with a Pillsbury Winthrop attorney who is helping them make sure the organization and its volunteers have proper legal protections while performing their work.

Wild Ones Niagara Falls seeks to create a sense of place through grassroots partnerships, advocacy, and education about regional native plants and natural landscaping with a focus on the restoration, preservation, and protection of the botanically unique habitats of Niagara Falls and the Niagara gorge, their old growth forests, and rare calcareous cliff botanicals. Green Pro Bono matched Wild Ones Niagara Falls with a Nixon Peabody attorney who is helping them prepare to participate in a corporate matching program.

Designfluence connects designers with resources for ultra-low-cost product development and promotes the use of healthy, non-toxic materials, processes and methodologies in product design, development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Green Pro Bono paired Designfluence with a corporate attorney at Clean Tech Law Partners.

International Building Performance Simulation Association, Boston Chapter is the local branch of an international organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the science of building performance simulation in order to improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of new and existing buildings worldwide. Green Pro Bono is pairing IBPSA-Boston with an attorney to assist with corporate issues.

Sharon Composting Initiative is a group of students at Sharon High School in Sharon, Massachusetts, dedicated to promoting composting on local and state levels. They work to make low-cost compost bins available to consumers and plan to introduce a number of composting education initiatives. Green Pro Bono is pairing the Sharon Composting initiative with an attorney to assist with various corporate issues.

Second Nature is a non-profit that works with college and university leaders to help make the principles of sustainability fundamental to every aspect of higher education. Their work includes advancing Education for Sustainability (EFS) networks at the state, regional, and national levels and conducting a multi-million dollar, ten-year advocacy and outreach effort that was instrumental in launching the higher education EFS movement. Green Pro Bono is pairing Second Nature with an attorney to help with intellectual property issues.

Congregation Shirat Hayam is working to install a solar array on the roof of their synagogue in order to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint and in the hopes of setting an example for other religious organizations on the North Shore of Boston. Green Pro Bono has paired Congregation Shirat Hayam with a Nixon Peabody attorney to help them review and negotiate the necessary agreements.

Boston Climate Action Network fights global warming through advocacy and citizen education, helping residents to reduce their personal CO2 footprint, organize their communities to engage in green projects for the common good, and take political action. Green Pro Bono is pairing Boston Climate Action Network with an attorney to assist with corporate issues.

Terra Endeavors is a company that combines community development with social entrepreneurship by helping rural villages produce high-value products and reinvest the resulting profits to improve the community's quality of life. Green Pro Bono has paired Terra Endeavors with an attorney who is helping them with partnership and import/export issues.

Boston Institute for Clean Energy Prototyping helps clean energy startups to develop and build prototypes of the technologies they plan to use. Green Pro Bono has paired BICEP with an attorney who is helping them to organize as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



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