Green Pro Bono's mission is to help non-profits and social entrepreneurs define their legal needs and to provide legal assistance for environmental "change makers" who otherwise cannot afford the legal help they need. The attorneys involved with Green Pro Bono believe that they can help make an impact in reducing carbon emissions if they do their part.

Green Pro Bono understands that to attain real sustainability in our society, change is not only essential but also inevitable. Immediate action is needed to achieve meaningful environmental change. For the organizations tackling climate change, however, legal concerns, and the costs of dealing with them, can slow down their efforts. Attorneys can make a unique contribution by volunteering much needed legal consultation.

By offering pro bono legal help for green social entrepreneurs, Green Pro Bono can do its part to expedite the innovations necessary to effect change.

Green Pro Bono believes that it can make an immense impact on efforts to reduce carbon emissions if it does its part, directly or indirectly, in helping non-profits and social entrepreneurs to:

  • expedite the implementation of renewable, affordable and clean sources of energy;
  • find avenues to be more energy efficient;
  • improve our smart grids and smart meters;
  • reduce emissions in our supply chain;
  • protect rainforests and sustainable uses of land;
  • advance our transportation options to reduce our need for petroleum; and
  • offer other innovative ideas and projects to combat climate change.

Getting Started

Immediate action is required to address climate change, but projects can be held up due to a lack of funds for legal help. Green Pro Bono offers access to free legal help for climate change projects tackled by social entrepreneurs and non-profits.

If you have a creative approach to solving some of our problems relating to climate change, but lack the funds for attorney fees or the know-how to navigate the legal system, please fill out our Request for Assistance form.


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