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We are a group of attorneys and volunteers who care about climate change and its effects on our world today and in the future. We seek to use our expertise and contacts to help environmental NGOs and social entrepreneurs navigate the legal world and find free legal representation to further help their missions. Many attorneys want to donate their time to contribute to solutions to climate change. If you have a creative approach to solving some of our problems relating to climate change, but lack the funds for attorney fees or the know-how to navigate the legal system, please fill out our Request for Assistance form. We will respond as quickly as possible to determine if we can help you.

How We Help

The Problem: Immediate action is required to address climate change. Efforts that are vital to this cause need to be set in motion right away, but projects can be held up due to a lack of funds and know-how for legal help.

The Solution: Green Pro Bono offers free legal help to social entrepreneurs and non-profits addressing climate change.

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